Whenever you listen to music, you should listen carefully to the tone and then practice singing it just like the song you are listening to. You can use the Musical Intervals Tutor to recognize the intervals. By listening to it again and again, you will be able to grasp it.

Every month hundreds of new songs come out. From these songs we have compiled a list of some of the best songs, you can listen to at the moment.

‘Mark My Words’ – Justin Bieber


The music has a South East Asian sound to it. It is a great inspirational song from the album ‘Purpose’. In this song, Justin Bieber refuses to let go of his love. People say that the song is dedicated to his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. If you are heart broken, then this song will inspire you.

‘Hello’ – Adele


The song is emotional and an excellent song to listen to. It is Adele’s first single in the U.S. since 2012’s ‘Skyfall.’ The song is about apologizing for breaking her love’s heart. It is a very ‘feel good’ song, and you should listen to it now.

‘Hands to Myself’ – Selena Gomez


This song is from her third single album ‘Revival’. The song starts with soft vocals. The whisper is accompanied by drum beats. She creates a flirtatious tone in the song. It’s a great song to listen to.

‘Sorry’ – Justin Bieber


It is a great dance number and has a toe-tapping beat to it. The song is also from the album ‘Purpose’. You should listen to this song when you are doing something boring like cleaning your room. It will get the rhythm in you, and you will enjoy what you are doing. You can also listen to it when you are with your friends on the dance floor.

These are some of the songs that have been released recently and are the talk of the town. You should listen to them depending on your mood. All the songs have been on top charts since their release.