4 reasons why talented music artists fail


Talent is not enough to be successful in this music industry. There are lots of factors involved. Even talented music artists fail. Here are the reasons why they fail.


Sit and wait

Many artists just wait for the right time to come. This is a wrong assumption. The record companies won’t just come over to you and say ‘Would you be interested in signing a deal with us?’ You won’t get everything automatically on your platter. You need to work hard to get it. You should make things happen every day without making any excuses. If you keep on waiting for your time to come, the time will just pass by.

Not being prepared

You should be well prepared before looking for opportunities. If the record company finds you unprofessional, then you won’t get a second chance. You should listen to many artists. You can upload your music to your site and ask people for providing feedback. You can then work on those and improve your performance. So, before you approach a recording company, you must be well prepared.


Doing everything by themselves

Doing everything by yourself will be a waste of time and energy. You should work smartly. You should do the right type of work and avoid the unnecessary ones.

Lack of business knowledge

Many music artists don’t know where to start. The music industry is very competitive today. You should have the right business knowledge to fit yourself in this competing.


If you want to be a successful music artist, then you should avoid these mistakes. You should be focused on your work and have faith in yourself to move forward in your career.

4 tips for having a successful music career


Music is a huge field. The paths of musicians are unique. If you want to take up music as your career then here are some essential tips for you.

You should try to hone your talent and be confident about yourself

You should believe in yourself. You should make yourself believe that there is a place in this industry for you. You should work hard and try to improve yourself. Do whatever it takes to take yourself to the next level. You should position yourself in your market. You should be ready for industry rejection, but it shouldn’t disappoint you. Even the most popular artists have been rejected at the beginning of their career.

Try to build relationships

You should try to build up relationships with as many people as possible in the industry. The quality of your relationship will drive your career forward. It also depends on how many people you know in the industry. You should try to develop creative projects with other musicians to gain experience.


Responsibility of success is in your hands

New models of business are available now. The Internet has become an ‘open mic’ where you can promote your music yourself. Now it is possible to reach globally with your music. This means that you have to learn about this new market and get ready to promote your music to a vast global audience.

You should be versatile

It can be tough to create a permanent place in this music industry. Many musicians have taken up non-music jobs to take care of their family or debt when they are still struggling to become an established musician. But the best approach is to work within the music field. For example, you can perform in gigs, wedding parties, give voice in a jingle, do private music tutoring, etc. This will help to support yourself and your family financially, and you can be focused on achieving your dream. By doing these small music related tasks, you will be able to gain experience and build up relationships. It increases the chance that people will start to recognize you.

Being a musician is a hard job. You should follow these tips and never lose hope or patience if you want to be a successful musician in future.

5 reasons why music therapy is a good career choice


Music reaches everyone’s heart. It is a universal way of communicating emotions. The music industry is huge now. There are so many prospects in this industry. There are singers, songwriters, instrumentalists, and more. If you want to do something different in the music field, then you can choose music therapy as your career. Here are some reasons why music therapy is a good career choice.

Can help people

Music therapy lets you help people. If you have the strong desire to help people recover from diseases and you are wondering how you can help them, then music therapy is the answer for you. It is a field that lets you help people with your music.


Become knowledgeable in other fields

To be a music therapist, you should know about psychology, physiology, anatomy, etc. You also need to know how the brain functions and understand how it responds to stimuli.

Research in this area is getting better

Music theory was established as a profession in 1950. Since then research works have been going on in this area. Research has proven that music improves functional outcomes of our everyday life. With advanced research, we can now see into the brain and find out why music therapy is powerful.


Scope of learning

The music therapy professionals are very supportive. There is a huge online network of professionals. You can learn from others and even get lots of information regarding this online.

Good job prospect

You can get an excellent education in this field. The job prospect is also very good here. You can work in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, mental health clinics, jails, and even private practice.


So, if you are in a dilemma whether to choose e the profession of music therapist or not, then you shouldn’t be in doubt anymore. It is a great profession with good career opportunities.