5 reasons why you must play musical instruments


Music is so connected with our lives that it is quite impossible to live without music. It reflects our origins and history. Musical instrument goes hand in hand with music. There are many musical instruments available. Some are very old. Playing music has lots of benefits.

Makes you more intelligent

Studies have shown a direct relationship between academic performance and playing musical instruments. Learning musical instruments simulate the sensors of the brain. It improves abstract reasoning skills that are required for maths and science. It helps to improve language, motor skills and coordination as well.


Relieves stress

Like other activities such as playing or watching movies, music diverts your mind and keeps you stressless. Playing music improves self-awareness and sense of achievement. It makes you feel positive.

Builds up confidence

The feeling that you have learned a new skill and that people love the noise you make is very pleasant. It helps to boost your confidence level.

Improves social life

When you play music, you meet interesting people who have similar interest. You participate in musical events and meet new people. It improves your social interaction that makes you a better person.


Improves creativity

Music stimulates the creative sensors in your brain. It makes the mind open to new ideas. It also helps to express your emotions. You will be more creative.

Music benefits us in many ways. Embrace music in every mood and occasion and you will find that you are enjoying yourself more. Music has both physical and emotional benefits, and it helps us to live a happy life.

Top 4 online platforms for listening to music


The music industry has evolved due to technology. It is now widely available for free to users through the various internet platform. There are radio-like entertainments available if you want to hear the music. Sites like Pandora, Spotify, etc. now allow users to listen to music online. Here are the top 4 online platforms used for listening to music.


It started it’s journey in 2000 as an Internet radio. It lets the user request an artist or a genre of music. The site then forms a radio station that features the artist and the specific genre of music.


Here, you request songs by artist or title of the song. You can automatically create a playlist from your selection results and even listen to pre-selected stations that are based on genre. You can find out new music to add to your favorites list.


In this platform you can search for live radio stations and include them in your queue and enjoy on the computer, tablet or another device.

iTunes Radio

You can get access to more than 250 genre-focused stations in iTunes. It forms stations around the songs, artists or genres that you choose. The stations evolve as the user plays or downloads the music. Using iTunes users can download music.

These online platforms have changed the landscape of music. You no longer have to use your music players to listen to music. Your smartphone is enough to listen to thousands of music available online. Now you can listen to music even when you are on the road.

4 reasons you need to learn the basic music concepts well


Many people think that practice is everything in music. But it is not true. You need to have a good theoretical background to do well in any area of music. Here are the four main reasons why.

It is needed to become a musician

To become a producer, performer or creator of music, you need to master the basic musical concepts. Otherwise, you will be cheating with your passion and work. The concepts of music will build your foundation of music, and you will be successful in a short time.


There is no difference between theory and practice in music

In music, theory underlies everything you do. You are playing major, minor, etc. using the 7 letter names and 12 notes. You sing the melodies that weave through the harmonies. You must read and learn these. You cannot function well without understanding what makes up a major chord, a minor scale, etc. You also need to know how the melody fits in the chords the guitar is playing, etc. You need to know how a chord sounds and whether it is out of tune or not. For all these, you need a good understanding of the theory.

Studying the basic music theory is the best way to utilize your practice time

If you are a musician, then you should understand the concepts of music. Otherwise, it won’t make you a good musician. If you know how to read and write songs, it will reduce your practice time.

They will have incomplete knowledge

Without having theoretical knowledge, musicians will only learn half of what they should learn. It is important to understand how notes would sound, how they should be written down, etc.


By knowing the theory, you will learn music quickly. You will produce better work if you learn the theory. So, you should give importance to learning the basic concepts of music.