I’m Kate! Welcome to my music blog. I have been teaching basic music concepts for more than 10 years in various schools. I have earned by a masters degree in music from Colorado State University. I believe that no matter whether you want to become a singer or a music maker, you need to have strong basic concepts about music. They need to learn the sounds of the music intervals from the minor second to the perfect octave. They should be so good at it that they can instantly recognize the notes. Lots of practice is required for this.

I believe that people who want to learn music should have a strong basic concept about music. I have attended different conferences and workshops and spoke about the importance of having a solid basic music concept. I also emphasized the need to teach music intervals.


In this blog you will be able to read lots of interesting articles on various aspects of music. This blog is ideal for those who are interesting in learning music. Visit us often to know more about music.