5 most popular instruments of music


Music is a valuable skill to learn. When you play instruments, it opens up different doors both musically and socially. Here are the most popular instruments of music available.



The piano is played by 21 million people in America. It is the most versatile of all instruments as it is played in the most genre of music. It can also be played solo. It will take the determination and the patience to paly well, but once you master it, you will love playing it. It is better to start with a traditional piano and then move on to the electric one. For children, it is best to start teaching them how to play piano at the age of six.


It is versatile and affordable. It can be accompanied or played solo. Guitar has been popular due to the rise of the pop and rock culture. You can play acoustic, bass or electric guitar. Like the piano, 6 is the perfect age to start playing guitar.


It is played in many classical kinds of music. It plays an important role in various genre of music. It is easy to learn and can be found in different sizes. It is better to start with a non-electric violin if you are interested in playing the violin.



Drums are used in many genres of music. There are different kinds of drums available in the market. You can buy an electric drum set to get quieter sound.


This instrument is mostly associated with jazz music. It comes in different sizes and shapes. You can start playing this instrument at the age of 12. Saxophones are played in school orchestras.

These are the most popular musical instruments that are played. You can encourage your children to play these instruments. Music is fun and positive extracurricular activity for children which can create some great impact in life. It can develop some positive skills like creativity, open-mindedness, coordination, focus, and sociability. All these skills are required to be successful in your life.

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