5 modern music instruments that you should know about


Like music, the music instruments are also evolving. New instruments are now available in the market that will make your music sound even better.Here are some modern music instruments you didn’t hear about.


This is a new drumming instrument invented by a Swiss couple in 2000. It is made from two half-shells of nitride steel sheet and attached at the rim. It leaves a hollow UFO shaped drum. It doesn’t generate sound using strings or membranes. It depends on vibrating sound waves that travel through the whole body of the instrument. The sound is subtle and melodic. Small tone circles create high notes, and large dents create low notes.

Array mbira


It was invented by scientist Bill Wesley from California. It is inspired by an ancient African instrument called mbira. It features metal spikes that are positioned to be played by gripping the metal protrusions. These were often called thumb pianos. He began working on this instrument in the ‘60s. He used the array system of note arrangements. It produces sound similar to that of xylophone. This instrument is slowly gaining popularity.



It is a 10-foot tall metal structure that plays by itself. It is powered by a hand-crank or solar panels. It was created by sculptor Henry Dagg. It produces short sharp-like notes. The instrument has a harp frame that supports 46 strings. These are plucked by specially devised jack.



This instrument is made using a Tesla coil. It was invented by Steve Ward, an electrical engineering university student. He produced notes with the coil. Tesla coils have circuits whose output produces thousands of volts. Some Tesla coils produce hundreds of sparks every second. Every spark makes a sound when it pushes the air.


Bjork, a singer, and songwriter, invented this instrument. She always liked using new instruments and made this one for your 2012 album. It uses the functionalities of traditional instruments named gamelan and celesta. One of them is an Indonesian folk instrument. The other is a keyboard invented in the 19th century in Paris.

Many of these instruments are being used in concerts now. People will slowly become familiar these. If you are a musician, you must keep an eye on the latest trends in music instruments.

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