5 modern music instruments that you should know about


Like music, the music instruments are also evolving. New instruments are now available in the market that will make your music sound even better.Here are some modern music instruments you didn’t hear about.


This is a new drumming instrument invented by a Swiss couple in 2000. It is made from two half-shells of nitride steel sheet and attached at the rim. It leaves a hollow UFO shaped drum. It doesn’t generate sound using strings or membranes. It depends on vibrating sound waves that travel through the whole body of the instrument. The sound is subtle and melodic. Small tone circles create high notes, and large dents create low notes.

Array mbira


It was invented by scientist Bill Wesley from California. It is inspired by an ancient African instrument called mbira. It features metal spikes that are positioned to be played by gripping the metal protrusions. These were often called thumb pianos. He began working on this instrument in the ‘60s. He used the array system of note arrangements. It produces sound similar to that of xylophone. This instrument is slowly gaining popularity.



It is a 10-foot tall metal structure that plays by itself. It is powered by a hand-crank or solar panels. It was created by sculptor Henry Dagg. It produces short sharp-like notes. The instrument has a harp frame that supports 46 strings. These are plucked by specially devised jack.



This instrument is made using a Tesla coil. It was invented by Steve Ward, an electrical engineering university student. He produced notes with the coil. Tesla coils have circuits whose output produces thousands of volts. Some Tesla coils produce hundreds of sparks every second. Every spark makes a sound when it pushes the air.


Bjork, a singer, and songwriter, invented this instrument. She always liked using new instruments and made this one for your 2012 album. It uses the functionalities of traditional instruments named gamelan and celesta. One of them is an Indonesian folk instrument. The other is a keyboard invented in the 19th century in Paris.

Many of these instruments are being used in concerts now. People will slowly become familiar these. If you are a musician, you must keep an eye on the latest trends in music instruments.

4 reasons why talented music artists fail


Talent is not enough to be successful in this music industry. There are lots of factors involved. Even talented music artists fail. Here are the reasons why they fail.


Sit and wait

Many artists just wait for the right time to come. This is a wrong assumption. The record companies won’t just come over to you and say ‘Would you be interested in signing a deal with us?’ You won’t get everything automatically on your platter. You need to work hard to get it. You should make things happen every day without making any excuses. If you keep on waiting for your time to come, the time will just pass by.

Not being prepared

You should be well prepared before looking for opportunities. If the record company finds you unprofessional, then you won’t get a second chance. You should listen to many artists. You can upload your music to your site and ask people for providing feedback. You can then work on those and improve your performance. So, before you approach a recording company, you must be well prepared.


Doing everything by themselves

Doing everything by yourself will be a waste of time and energy. You should work smartly. You should do the right type of work and avoid the unnecessary ones.

Lack of business knowledge

Many music artists don’t know where to start. The music industry is very competitive today. You should have the right business knowledge to fit yourself in this competing.


If you want to be a successful music artist, then you should avoid these mistakes. You should be focused on your work and have faith in yourself to move forward in your career.

4 tips for having a successful music career


Music is a huge field. The paths of musicians are unique. If you want to take up music as your career then here are some essential tips for you.

You should try to hone your talent and be confident about yourself

You should believe in yourself. You should make yourself believe that there is a place in this industry for you. You should work hard and try to improve yourself. Do whatever it takes to take yourself to the next level. You should position yourself in your market. You should be ready for industry rejection, but it shouldn’t disappoint you. Even the most popular artists have been rejected at the beginning of their career.

Try to build relationships

You should try to build up relationships with as many people as possible in the industry. The quality of your relationship will drive your career forward. It also depends on how many people you know in the industry. You should try to develop creative projects with other musicians to gain experience.


Responsibility of success is in your hands

New models of business are available now. The Internet has become an ‘open mic’ where you can promote your music yourself. Now it is possible to reach globally with your music. This means that you have to learn about this new market and get ready to promote your music to a vast global audience.

You should be versatile

It can be tough to create a permanent place in this music industry. Many musicians have taken up non-music jobs to take care of their family or debt when they are still struggling to become an established musician. But the best approach is to work within the music field. For example, you can perform in gigs, wedding parties, give voice in a jingle, do private music tutoring, etc. This will help to support yourself and your family financially, and you can be focused on achieving your dream. By doing these small music related tasks, you will be able to gain experience and build up relationships. It increases the chance that people will start to recognize you.

Being a musician is a hard job. You should follow these tips and never lose hope or patience if you want to be a successful musician in future.

5 reasons why music therapy is a good career choice


Music reaches everyone’s heart. It is a universal way of communicating emotions. The music industry is huge now. There are so many prospects in this industry. There are singers, songwriters, instrumentalists, and more. If you want to do something different in the music field, then you can choose music therapy as your career. Here are some reasons why music therapy is a good career choice.

Can help people

Music therapy lets you help people. If you have the strong desire to help people recover from diseases and you are wondering how you can help them, then music therapy is the answer for you. It is a field that lets you help people with your music.


Become knowledgeable in other fields

To be a music therapist, you should know about psychology, physiology, anatomy, etc. You also need to know how the brain functions and understand how it responds to stimuli.

Research in this area is getting better

Music theory was established as a profession in 1950. Since then research works have been going on in this area. Research has proven that music improves functional outcomes of our everyday life. With advanced research, we can now see into the brain and find out why music therapy is powerful.


Scope of learning

The music therapy professionals are very supportive. There is a huge online network of professionals. You can learn from others and even get lots of information regarding this online.

Good job prospect

You can get an excellent education in this field. The job prospect is also very good here. You can work in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, mental health clinics, jails, and even private practice.


So, if you are in a dilemma whether to choose e the profession of music therapist or not, then you shouldn’t be in doubt anymore. It is a great profession with good career opportunities.

5 benefits of interval ear training in music


The interval is the first place where musicians first get the idea of ear training. It is a form of focused exercise that enhances musical listening skills. By doing this exercise, you will be able to recognize the interval and know how far apart they are in semitones. When you think of a melody and want to connect it to the instrument, you should know which notes to play. You can recognize the intervals by recognizing the intervals between the notes. You will learn how far to move from one to another. You can thus play the melody on your instrument. If you are a songwriter, this ear training can help you. You can write down the notes that represent the music you want to create without depending on trial and error method.

Interval ear training helps to improve the sense of relative pitch. It develops your ability to identify notes depending on the other notes present. Here are the major benefits of interval ear training.

Able to judge pitch distances

By knowing the intervals between the notes, you will be able to tell how far one note is from the other. It is helpful in melodic dictation. As you keep on practicing you develop a mental framework that is needed. The notes that you hear automatically gets stuck in places in your mind as you hear them.

Better hearing

By doing this training, you will be able to hear melodies and harmonies more clearly. As you are aware of the gaps between your notes, your brain will be more sensitive about determining the notes. Notes that used to sound blurred before will sound specific. You will be able to hear musical detail which you cannot do without interval ear training.


Good for sight-singing

Interval ear training is important for singers. You can use your knowledge to transform written music into a melody in your head. You can also find out how far the voice’s pitch is going to move from one note to another if you have the ear interval training. Many singers are afraid of sight-singing. Interval ear training will boost their confidence.

Brings theory to practice

Most musicians learn the theory of music but never gets a chance to practice it. By doing interval training, they will be able to practice what they have learned in theory.

Create music with confidence

The interval ear training has a significant effect on the musician. It gives you the confidence of creating music. It gives you a sense of how the intervals will sound.


By doing interval ear training, musicians can develop a strong sense of relative pitch. This will help them in every step of their way. Intervals are not just abstract music theory concept. They are very practical and can improve a musician’s confidence. It gives them the confidence to perform in whichever aspect of music they are in.

5 most popular instruments of music


Music is a valuable skill to learn. When you play instruments, it opens up different doors both musically and socially. Here are the most popular instruments of music available.



The piano is played by 21 million people in America. It is the most versatile of all instruments as it is played in the most genre of music. It can also be played solo. It will take the determination and the patience to paly well, but once you master it, you will love playing it. It is better to start with a traditional piano and then move on to the electric one. For children, it is best to start teaching them how to play piano at the age of six.


It is versatile and affordable. It can be accompanied or played solo. Guitar has been popular due to the rise of the pop and rock culture. You can play acoustic, bass or electric guitar. Like the piano, 6 is the perfect age to start playing guitar.


It is played in many classical kinds of music. It plays an important role in various genre of music. It is easy to learn and can be found in different sizes. It is better to start with a non-electric violin if you are interested in playing the violin.



Drums are used in many genres of music. There are different kinds of drums available in the market. You can buy an electric drum set to get quieter sound.


This instrument is mostly associated with jazz music. It comes in different sizes and shapes. You can start playing this instrument at the age of 12. Saxophones are played in school orchestras.

These are the most popular musical instruments that are played. You can encourage your children to play these instruments. Music is fun and positive extracurricular activity for children which can create some great impact in life. It can develop some positive skills like creativity, open-mindedness, coordination, focus, and sociability. All these skills are required to be successful in your life.

Top Ten Music Genres That Teens Like


Since the invention of music, lots of genres of music were introduced. Some of them are still very popular among the young generation today. Here is the list of top 10 music genres liked by the youngsters today.



This was created in the 1950s. It got popular in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Guitar, drum, and bass are the common instruments used in playing rock music. This type of music is very energetic and fun. That’s why the young generation loves it.


It is a very fast form of music. It requires good skill and creativity. Metal is similar to rock music. The whole band needs to participate in the music instead of just backing up the lead singer like in other genres of music. It is the most diverse and electric music genre ever.

Alternative music

This genre of music has thoughtful lyrics. They are beautiful to listen to, and every band has a different story and feel to the music. Nirvana is one of the most popular bands for alternative music. It was songs that will rock you out and lyrics that will make you think. You feel a great emotional connection when you listen to alternative music.


This form of music has a simple verse and chorus jingle. It’s something you listen to when you drive. Pop music doesn’t have the depth that rock or metal has. But the teens like it very much.

Electronic Dance Music

Many people don’t consider it to be real music. It is a dance party music that can get anyone to the dance floor.

Thrash Metal


The songs of this genre are creative and fast paced. It needs a lot of skill. Metalica is one fo the best thrash metal performers. It is similar to rock and metal.


It helps to people to be pumped up as they enjoy the music. It is something different, and those who like it enjoy it. It is expected that it will grow in popularity. There are many cool styles in this music like a chill step that is quiet and relaxing. Many people complain that it’s just noise and not music. But the truth is that it needs more skill than the other genre of music.

Country music

The modern country music is something between rock and pop. This genre of music uses real musical instruments. Many rock and pop singers started off their career with country music.

Hip hop music

This genre of music was formed in the US in the 1970s. It is a rhythmic music that is accompanied by rapping. Rapping is rhythmic speech. This music was developed as part of the hip-hop culture. Rap is not always part of the hip hop music.



It was originated by the African American in the late 19th century. It has roots in African musical traditions, European-American folk music, and African-American work songs. It includes spirituals, work songs, chants, etc.

All these music are liked by the teenagers today. Most of these music are fast paced. Their taste in music doesn’t match with those of the older generation. They always want something that has beat so that they can dance to it. These fast paced music are here to stay and are made popular by the radio stations that play these all the time.

Top 10 musical movies of all time


Since cinema sound was invented, musicals became a major part of cinemas. People loved this type of music because of the amazing way dialogues were turned to music all the time. Here are the top 10 musicals of all time that you must watch.


This musical movie was released in 1972. The music was catchy and seductive. It was directed by Bob Fosse and had songs by Kander and Ebb. The movie portrays the Nazi rule and the evil destiny of the Germans with catchy songs. It had a very romantic storyline.

Singin’ in the Rain

It is the also the title song of the film and the most popular musical sequence in the history of the genre. It was an American musical comedy. The co-directors of the movie Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen accessed a catalog of songs that were co-written over the years by their boss Arthur Freed. Legendary songwriters Betty Comden and Adolph Green wrote the screenplay.



This musical was a hit in 1978. John Travolta was seen disco-dancing superstar with Olivia Newton-John. The story of the musical revolves around a tough guy who meets a cute girl. Things like rock ‘n’ roll, teenage pregnancy, smoking, etc. were part of the movie.

My Fair Lady

The lyrics of this musical were done by Alan Jay Lerner, and the music was by Frederick Loewe. The story is about man’s boast to pass off flower seller Elia Doolittle, played by Audrey Hepburn as a duchess.The movie is about love and socialist principles.

Meet Me in St Louis

This musical was released in 1944. It is about the optimistic wartime America. It was produced by Authur Freed. The songs from this movie were played at night clubs for many decades.

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg


It was a very colorful musical of the ‘60s. In this movie, Catherine Deneuve plays the role of a dreamer who works in her mother’s umbrella shop. It gets involved in a romantic relationship with the mechanic guy when he is about to go to fight the Algerian war. After he comes back, he finds her in love with someone else, and he falls in love again as well. There is music throughout the movie.

Bugsy Malone

This musical has great songs. It was released in the mid-1970s, and the film had lots of children. It was a story of gangsters who were a war.Scott Baio played the role of Bugsy. The songs were by Paul Williams.

West Side Story

It is about racial tensions that lead to civil rights movement. The movie shows that even street gangs can dance ballet and a firing squad could have a romantic dinner. It shows love at first site. The movie portrays passions of youth in a war setting.


It was released in 1975 and was directed by Ken Russel. It is full of British rock and has songs b Eric Clapton and Elton John. The songs were beautifully weaved into the story.



It was a British musical that were on music hall in the 1940s, and it was on the pop charts in the 50s. This musical received six Academy Awards. The movie was adapted from Charles Dicken’s story of deprivation.

All these movies were the greatest musicals ever and people still remember them for their amazing music and how they blended with the storyline.

5 best soundbars of 2016 for your home studio


The soundbar can upgrade your home studio to a new level. TVs cannot give you good sound. There is not enough room for speakers as the TV is getting slimmer. The soundbar can improve your experience of listening to music or watching movies. They also match with the look of your slim TV. They don’t have any wires surrounding the sound system. You can find soundbars of various features to match with every taste. Here are the best rated soundbars of this year that you can buy for your home studio.

Acoustic Energy Aego Sound3ar


It is a compact stereo soundbar and active 65W subwoofer. It has Bluetooth with aptX, optical and 3.5mm analog inputs. It is a soundbar that doesn’t take up lots of space. It’s small in size but can increase the sound system significantly. It is great for a small listening environment.

Philips HTL5140


It has a sleek design and wireless subwoofer. With a 320W power output and Dolby Digital and DTS decoding, it is a beautiful kit. You can accommodate it easily in your living space. It looks great with the black aluminum body. There are the display and touch-sensitive controls. You can place the wire woofer at a convenient place.



It has a built-in Blu-ray player, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity. It has a multi-room capability. It is a perfect choice if you are looking for a Blu-ray player and a good sound system. It provides loud and very energetic sound. You can include it into LG’s Music Flow multi-room ecosystem. You can easily stream music to speakers in other rooms using the built-in Wi-Fi. You can stream music from USB devices that are plugged into the back of the flat box as well. It is a well designed affordable soundbar for your home studio.

Yamaha YSP-2500


It has sound beam technology, three HMDI 2.0 outputs, and excellent quality. It has lots of featues. It can provide a realistic surround experience even without the full 5.1 setups. It provides pinging effects off the wall and creates an enveloping soundstage. You can get a wonderful surround sound experience.

Monitor Audio ASB-2


It has 160W power output, three HDMI inputs, airplay and UPnP streaming.It is a little bulkier than the other soundbars, but it can be wall-mounted. It can support iPhone or iPad with its HDMI inputs. It produces 160W of sound with its 3D sound system. It has a stunning look as well. It is something worth buying.

Your decision to buy soundbars depends on your requirements, space, design, and price. All these soundbars produce excellent sound. You should read reviews in detail before finally buying one for your home studio.

5 reasons why you must play musical instruments


Music is so connected with our lives that it is quite impossible to live without music. It reflects our origins and history. Musical instrument goes hand in hand with music. There are many musical instruments available. Some are very old. Playing music has lots of benefits.

Makes you more intelligent

Studies have shown a direct relationship between academic performance and playing musical instruments. Learning musical instruments simulate the sensors of the brain. It improves abstract reasoning skills that are required for maths and science. It helps to improve language, motor skills and coordination as well.


Relieves stress

Like other activities such as playing or watching movies, music diverts your mind and keeps you stressless. Playing music improves self-awareness and sense of achievement. It makes you feel positive.

Builds up confidence

The feeling that you have learned a new skill and that people love the noise you make is very pleasant. It helps to boost your confidence level.

Improves social life

When you play music, you meet interesting people who have similar interest. You participate in musical events and meet new people. It improves your social interaction that makes you a better person.


Improves creativity

Music stimulates the creative sensors in your brain. It makes the mind open to new ideas. It also helps to express your emotions. You will be more creative.

Music benefits us in many ways. Embrace music in every mood and occasion and you will find that you are enjoying yourself more. Music has both physical and emotional benefits, and it helps us to live a happy life.